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Unlock Your Personal Value Proposition!🔥

🌟 Would you like to use different techniques to reveal your worth as a candidate? 🌟

You are applying so many different jobs, but you couldn’t get any phone calls. Then why don’t you use some proven techniques for your job search? 🤷‍♀️

Those in the start-up ecosystem know, there is a Value Proposition Canvas expected from entrepreneurs to prepare. But do you know that you can use this canvas to express yourself better? 💪🏻

Let’s think together! 💁‍♀️:

Value Proposition Canvas includes two parts which are customer profile and value proposition.

At first, we are going to change customer profile with employer profile.

The most important feature of the canvas is that it allows you to focus on the points that help the customer (i.e. the employer) solve, increase the gains / benefits so that you can create a value.

When we think about it, that is our most important problem as a candidate. In the interview, we would like to tell the manager / HR Specialist in front of us about all our features! Instead, we should focus on which of our features will contribute to solving which business opportunity / employer’s problem.

But how?

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