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Our AI-based scoring algorithm scores CVs and generates "TOP TALENTS" short lists, saves your TIME!


WING, is the platform that ensures the correct match between candidates and companies.

You can score your existing Corporate CV pools, discover the current WING talent pool, or add scoring capability to your existing HR systems.

• You can search the CVs in our system and reach the top TALENT candidates.
• You can create project pools with job postings and produce short lists with scores.
• You can score your existing CV pools by uploading them to the system and create short lists.
• You can integrate our scoring into the system you use.

How it works?

The current version of WING CV valuation and scoring works efficiently for the Information Technology industry. Developed for talents working in IT. .

To develop a model that identifies strong points We analyzed 10,000+ Technical CVs and created a Data Model.

Using WING, the resume evaluation software which is developed using ML (Machine Learning) methods, we provide 90% Time Saving and avoid Human Error of CV election processes.

  • Log in to the portal, start the fastest SHORT LIST creation! 

Check the resumes valued and scored in WING talent pools with AI & NLP supported search optimizations. Track your recruitment processes from end to end.    . .

  • Upload Your CV Pools, WING will evaluate them for you!

We evaluate all the resumes in your company and turn them into SHORT LIST! ..

For more information and help CLICK HERE!

Wing özgeçmiş cv değerleme skorlama

value proposition

Supported by TÜBİTAK, using ML & NLP , our platforms are developed with data sets and foresight obtained from recruitment managers.  .  .


According to the sectoral reports and a "Case Analysis" we conducted:

• 250 applications are received for a job post published by a company.
• Candidates are invited to a "Software" exam preferred in the market
• CVs are uploaded to our system, CV scoring (6 minutes) is done simultaneously with the exam.
• Exam results are compared with WING CV scoring results. .
• Average exam success rate of the first 10 people according to the scoring is 77%
• 8 candidates out of the first 10 people according to the scoring are invited for an interview!


We also offer solutions to make your existing CV Pools usable.
Make your CV Pools available, NOW! If you have a CV stack on hand but cannot validate, WING is for you! We enable you to produce much more efficient SHORT LIST by using both your own database and WING "Talent Pool"! . .

Reach The Most Talented Candidates!
While Human Resources employees can evaluate 1000 CVs in about 2000 minutes, WING does it in 20 minutes! Contact us to experience it! . . . . . .



We are an initiative established with TÜBİTAK 1512 grant!

İTÜ Çekirdek

We are one of the ITU Çekirdek 2018 Pre-Incubation initiatives.


We were supported by KOSGEB with Entrepreneurship grant!


We participated in many incubation programs such as Endeavor and E-Tohum!

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